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Compact Machining Center


Discover the Veromill™, a precise and compact milling center for micromachining and micromilling. Thanks to its innovative design, the Veromill™ has enormous stability and precision. Despite its small size.

Applications and industries:
Jewelry manufacturing, watchmaking, engraving, rapid prototyping, micromilling, stamp and tool manufacturing, microfluidics.

cnc milling machine jewelry micro machining center
compact machining center mini machining center

Features of Veromill milling machine

High precision

The innovative design, the selection of high-quality components and the precise assembly offer the highest precision of our milling machine for jewelry.

High structural stability and stiffness

The high structural stability of the compact milling center always guarantees the highest quality of the machined surfaces.

Automatic tool change with the CNC milling machine

Thanks to the integrated tool changing system with a capacity of 23 tool stations, the CNC milling machine can also be used to machine more complex applications automatically (available as standard).

Tool cooling and lubrication (MQL)

Integrated tool cooling and lubrication as standard. Significantly longer tool life and surface quality with the milling machine for micromachining.

Precise milling spindle for up to 60,000 rpm

The high-performance milling spindle used provides increased cutting speeds and feed rates. Thanks to this, speeds of up to 60,000 rpm can be achieved with the milling center.

Touch probe for curved surfaces

Integrated measuring system for curved workpiece surfaces. This function is specially designed for easy engraving of curved or uneven workpiece surfaces.

Product features of the CNC milling machine

rapid prototype cnc machine automatic tool changer

Automatic tool change with the milling machine

The Veromill™ machining center has an automatic tool change. With this, you can automatically insert and exchange your tools. Engrave or mill your jewelry with different tools without interruptions and fully automated. The tools are clamped pneumatically by means of a collet chuck. The tool magazine of the CNC milling machine includes 23 places and a receptacle for the measuring tip. A tool length sensor is integrated in the magazine to correct the different tool lengths. The tool magazine is located at the back of the machine. It is safely separated from the interior of the machine by a transparent panel.

watchmakers milling machine tool cooling mql

Minimum quantity lubrication for cooling and lubrication of the tools

The standard equipment of the CNC milling machine includes fully integrated tool cooling and lubrication. This minimum quantity lubrication cools and lubricates the milling tools during machining by air and spray mist. Thus, significantly increase the tool life of your tools. In addition, the constant lubrication achieves a higher surface quality of your jewelry. The spray head of the lubrication system is completely integrated in the spindle block of the CNC machine for jewelry and does not have to be adjusted manually.

High structural stability

The compact milling center is equipped with backlash-free and stable guides. These are directly mounted to the machine's solid base supports. This enables us to achieve maximum rigidity and precision. This is directly reflected in the quality of your products. The axis drives of the Veromill™ are realized with preloaded recirculating ball drives. It achieves absolute freedom from backlash, longer tool life and more precise milling.

jewelry cnc machine milling spindle
micro mini machining center structural stability

High-precision milling spindle with automatic tool change

The built-in high-performance milling spindle ensures increased cutting speeds and feed rates. Thanks to this, speeds of up to 60,000 rpm can be achieved. The engraving and milling times are significantly reduced. The optimum speed can be set variably depending on the material or tool. The tools are always clamped at the center of the milling spindle using a collet chuck. This guarantees a long tool life due to optimum concentricity. The tools are clamped by means of pneumatically actuated direct shaft clamping. This enables automatic tool changes.

Measuring system for curved surfaces

The CNC milling machine's fully integrated measuring system is unique. This allows curved surfaces to be milled or engraved quickly and easily. Drawings and designs can be simply created in 2D, while the Veromill™ machines the curved surfaces in 3D after automatic measurement. This is an advantage over conventional engraving depth controllers, where the engraving depth has to be set manually. In addition, the electronic height compensation increases tool life, as the optimum cutting depth for the tool is used.

jewelry cnc machine milling machine
cnc machine for education, schools and science measurement system

Innovative machine housing

The safety concept of the jewelry milling machine consists of a stable sheet metal housing in cube format. The transparent glass panes provide an optimal view of all parts of the machine. The door of the CNC milling center is designed as a front lifting door. This makes it very easy to open the machine and load it with jewellery and workpieces from the front. High-performance LED strips are installed in the upper area of the housing and thus always ensure optimal illumination of the machine interior. Impress your customers with the innovative housing design of the Veromill™.

Complex milling or 3D engraving

Whether you want to produce simple engravings, complex milling or 3D engravings. The Veromill™ offers you sufficient flexibility, stability and potential for a variety of different machining operations. All axes of the CNC milling machine are controlled precisely and simultaneously. Depending on the machine variant: either 3- or 4-axis simultaneous milling.

mini milling center micromachining software
industrial cnc milling machine milling machine 3d engraving

User-friendly software

The GraversPro™ software specially developed for our CNC machines makes brilliant engraving quick and easy.
Whether engraving, cutting or milling. The software enables you to perform all types of machining such as internal ring engraving, external ring engraving and flat engraving. It doesn't matter whether you want to create simple or complex engravings. GraversPro™ always guarantees professional work thanks to advanced functions such as retracting and extracting, tool changing, drilling and travel direction settings.

Jewelry produced with the Veromill milling machine

Our customers produce these pieces of jewellery on the Veromill™

Applications of the milling center for micromachining

Machining types of the CNC milling machine

4-Axis Simultaneous Milling

Round workpieces and jewelry are produced using 4-axis simultaneous milling. The Veromill™ milling machine has a precise rotary axis with harmonic drive gearing. This is absolutely backlash-free and repeatable and guarantees the highest quality for your products and machining. The rotary axis ensures sufficient torque reserves even for heavy-duty machining. 

compact machining center mini machining center: 4 axes simultaneous machining
small machining center 4 axis simultaneous milling

3-Axis Simultaneous Milling

Flat workpieces are produced using 3-axis simultaneous milling in the centric clamp of the milling machine for micromachining. Medallions, watches, bracelets, signs, circular blanks, embossing stamps, embossing cylinders, sealing rings and microfluidic chips, for example, can be machined here. Of course, 3D milling or 3D engraving can also be produced with the CNC milling machine.

jewelry milling machine 3 axes simultaneous milling
jewelry cnc machine cnc machine for jewelry 3 axis simultaneous machining

Internal engravings

The milling machine for jewelry is equipped with an engraving unit for engraving the inside of jewelry rings. This enables high-quality deep engravings to be produced on the inside of rings. The high contact pressure and stable clamping create unique internal engravings that are unrivaled. The Veromill CNC milling machine is therefore able to produce all types of engravings. This makes it a real all-rounder for jewelers and goldsmiths who want to cover the engraving segment in addition to a precise milling solution.

cnc machine jewelry milling machine jewelry ring engraving

Technical data of the compact machining center

industrial milling machine compact technical data
watchmaker milling machine micro machining center technical data

Machine model



CNC engraving / CNC milling / CNC diamond engraving


490 mm x 540 mm x 570 mm 

19.29 in x 21.25 in x 22.44 in 


65 kg

Machining types

3-axis simultaneous / 4-axis simultaneous

Machine guides

Backlash-free precision linear guideways

Drive elements

Backlash-free preloaded recirculating ball screw drives

XYZ axis travel

220 mm (X) x 260 mm (Y) x 114 mm (Z) 

8.66 in (X) x 10.23 in (Y) x 4.48 in (Z) 

Multi-purpose machining area

180 mm (X) x 142 mm (Y) x 80 mm (Z) 

7.08 in (X) x 5.59 in (Y) x 3.15 in (Z) 

Max. Material height

111 mm (4.37 in)

Outer cylinder diameter (rotation)

Max. ⌀ 116 mm (⌀ 4.56 in)

Engraving and milling spindle

Precision high-frequency spindle 
Automatic tool changer, pneumatic
Speed: max. 60,000 rpm
Power: 300 watts
Concentricity (clamping taper): <0.001 mm (<0.000039 in)
Tool shank: max. ⌀ 4 mm (⌀ 0.157 in)

Tool magazine

23 tool positions + probe tip holder
incl. tool length sensor

Tool cooling and lubrication

Integrated, liquid and air cooling (MQL)

Rotation axis

Precision rotary axis, harmonic drive gearbox, backlash-free


Jewelry manufacturing, watchmaking, engraving, prototyping (rapid prototyping), stamp and tool manufacturing, micromilling and micromachining, microfluidics, science and education, milling jewelry, engraving jewelry and rings

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