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Videos of our milling and engraving machines

Milling of a Riviere Ring | Memoire Ring

CNC milling machine Veromill™ making a riviere ring / memoire ring with 24 stone presettings. The whole project is very simple and can be made either with 3D data or 2D data. Schleicher CNC Technologie can provide you with everything you need: Technology, software and tools. Machining time of the ring is 19 minutes. Material of the ring is silver.

3D engraving of a lion

Even complex 3D engravings and milling with high chip volumes are possible with the CNC milling machine. Work cost-efficiently in contrast to laser processing due to a non-burning of precious metals and shorter process times!

Milling pointed arches in a silver ring

Precise milling with our engraving machine for jewelry. Even the smallest dimensions and small radii in your jewelry are possible. This video shows the milling of pointed arcs in a ring made of silver. Machining depth is 0.6 mm. Fusion 360 is used as CAD/CAM.

Milling a jewelry pendant out of gold

Milling and engraving of curved gold rounds with simple 2D drawings. No problem thanks to the patented measuring system in the Veromill™. The milling machine measures the surface fully automatically. Then the 3D machining can begin.

Tree of life engraving

Engrave and mill trees of life or other patterns in flat workpieces quickly and easily. The engraving depths achieved with our milling machine are significantly greater compared to laser machining. The longevity of the engraving is correspondingly higher.

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