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Professional Engraving Machine | CNC Milling Machine


Discover the innovation for milling and engraving jewelry or workpieces with the ENAMILL™. Precise and flexible, the engraving and milling machine adapts perfectly to your applications, products and jewelry. An enrichment for every workshop and every store.

Applications and areas of use:

Jewelry manufacturing, watch manufacturing, engraving of jewelry and rings, engraving of signs and nameplates, stamp engraving, coin engraving, medal engraving, cutting and milling of jewelry, 3D engraving and relief milling, stamps, nameplates, coins and medals.

engraving machine jewelry milling machine jewelry cnc engraving machine for metal, industrial, nameplates, rings, type plates enamill
engraving machine jewelry and milling machine jewelry professional industrial metal nameplates rings stamps coins

Precise engraving machine.

The rock-solid engraving machine design guarantees highest precision during engraving or milling of your jewelry. Basic components accurate to the micrometer, the use of high-quality machine components and exact assembly result in a precision that leaves nothing to be desired. Precision made in Germany.

Powerful jewelry engraving machine.

Due to the innovative machine concept, our jewelry engraving machine achieves the highest stability and rigidity. Reduce your tool wear and get machining surfaces of the highest quality. Highly polished machining surfaces are achieved when engraving with the CNC milling machine, giving your jewelry and workpieces an incomparable value.

Unique milling machine.

The patented measuring system integrated into the engraving machine enables you to precisely measure your workpiece surfaces. The measurement data thus obtained is used to compensate for curved or uneven workpiece surfaces. This allows you to machine curved and three-dimensional jewelry surfaces despite simple 2D drawings. This novel machining process is a technical revolution for which we have obtained a patent. In addition, electronic compensation reduces tool wear and manual adjustment of engraving depths is a thing of the past.

Automated CNC engraving machine.

Thanks to the integrated tool sensor, different tool lengths are automatically measured and corrected. Workpiece positions and zero points are automatically detected and set by the CNC engraving machine's measuring system.

Machining types of the Engraving Machine

Inside engravings with engraving machine 

Refine your jewelry or workpieces with high-quality deep engravings that are second to none. No matter if ring or bracelet. With the engraving unit of the CNC milling machine, you can process any piece of jewelry from the inside. The rotary axis of the engraving machine clamps and rotates the workpiece around its own axis. Specially designed interchangeable clamping jaws clamp your workpieces stably and with repeatable accuracy. The spring force of the scribe engraving unit can be precisely adjusted to the material to be engraved.

cnc engraving machine for jewelry: inside engraving of a jewelry ring, milling machine jewelry

Outside machining with the CNC engraving machine

Outside engraving of round jewelry takes place with the milling spindle. Mill and engrave all imaginable patterns and fonts into the workpiece surfaces. The setup of the CNC engraving machine and scanning of the jewelry surface is done automatically before the actual milling. Rings, bracelets and writing instruments, for example, can be clamped and engraved on the rotary axis. 

Jewelry milling machine Enamill milling a ring from the outside. jewelry engraving machine ring engraving outside.

Flat machining with the engraving machine for jewelry

In addition to engraving round jewelry, the Enamill™ can also effortlessly handle flat workpieces. Flat workpieces, such as medallions, watches, bracelets or signs, are clamped into the engraving machine by means of a precision centering clamp. The clamping jaws are attached to the centric clamp with screws and can be rotated and changed.

engraving machine for jewelry: flat engraving of a medallion. finished engraved jewelry pendant with the cnc machine for jewelry.

Product Features of the CNC Engraving Machine

All-in-one engraving machine

An engraving machine for all types of engraving. Flat and round engravings for jewelry, nameplates, type plates, rings, stamps.

High structural stability

High structural stability of the CNC milling machine thanks to innovative portal design. Excellent engraving surfaces.

Precise drive systems

The milling machine for jewelry has precise and backlash-free ball screw drives. Guarantees the lowest tolerances for your workpieces.

High performance milling spindle

Precise engraving and milling spindle with up to 50,000 rpm and centric clamping collet. Shorter process times thanks to higher cutting speeds and feed rates.

Automatic measurement

Automatic measurement and correction of various tool lengths. Detection of workpiece zero points and workpiece height.

Elegant machine housing

CNC engraving machine for jewelry in modern design with elegant machine housing. Protects the CNC machine from dust.

High flexibility

High flexibility of the milling machine for jewelry. Ideal for simple engraving work, complex engravings and 3D engravings (reliefs).

User-friendly software

User-friendly GraversPro™ software included. Guaranteed professional work.

Precision rotation axis

Engraving machine has a precise rotary axis with backlash-free harmonic drive gearing for the highest quality of your round engravings.

High structural stability

The Enamill™ jewelry milling machine is equipped with backlash-free and stable guides. The guides are directly connected to the machine's solid base supports. We deliberately use profile rail guides, which guarantee significantly higher precision and stability than the shaft guides used in standard engraving machines. Shaft guides bend under load! In this way, we achieve maximum rigidity and precision. This has a direct effect on the quality of your products. The axis drives of the Enamill™ engraving machine are designed with preloaded ball screws. This allows us to achieve absolute zero backlash, longer tool life and more precise milling operations.

cnc engraving machine jewelry, signs, nameplates, type plates and milling machine enamill
industrial engraving machine commercial metal engraving machine stability

High-precision engraving and milling spindle

The CNC engraving machine is equipped with a high-performance milling spindle. This enables high cutting speeds and feed rates. Speeds up to 24,000 rpm can be achieved as standard. The engraving and milling times are significantly reduced. High cutting speeds are guaranteed even with small tools. As this depends on the tool diameter, the speed must necessarily be significantly higher for small tools. Commercially available engraving machines with speeds of less than 20,000 rpm are not enough here! Our CNC milling machines guarantee high and optimum speed ranges. Not fixed, but variably adjustable! The tools are always clamped centrally via a collet chuck in the milling spindle. This guarantees a long tool life thanks to optimum concentricity. Do you want even higher speeds? No problem! A milling spindle with up to 50,000 rpm is also available as an option.

Measuring system for curved surfaces

The measuring system we have developed and patented in the CNC engraving machine is unique. Even curved jewelry surfaces can be measured with this system. The measurement data obtained is used to compensate for the height profile of the workpieces. Thus, even curved jewelry pieces (3D) can be engraved or milled optimally and quickly with simple and two-dimensional drawings. The touch probe can be flexibly switched on and off depending on whether it is needed for the current machining process. Gain an advantage over conventional engraving depth controllers, where the engraving depth must be set manually. In addition, you can reduce your tool wear enormously through the electronic height compensation.This is due to the use of optimum cutting data and the accessibility of the tool tip for coolant and lubricant. 

CNC milling machine for jewellery: Measuring system for curved jewellery surfaces for height compensation

Innovative machine housing

The Enamill™ engraving machine for jewelry has a modern and aesthetic housing design. All components are permanently protected from dust and dirt. The chips and precious metals produced during machining remain 100% in the machine and can be removed easily and quickly. The machine door is designed as a front-lift door and opens upwards. This means that the door is never in the way, even if you are directly in front of the CNC machine. Loading the machine with your jewelry and workpieces is very easy from the front. The inside of the machine is optimally illuminated by powerful RGBW LED strips. The color of the lighting can be set individually. The already very quiet CNC milling machine is virtually noiseless thanks to the housing. This guarantees optimum integration in workshops and salesrooms.

Automatic measuring functions

This function allows you to set up and measure different tool lengths automatically. In addition, a further sensor for detecting the workpiece and material height is integrated on the machine's Z-slide. Both functions relieve you of the task of setting up the milling machine for jewelry, allowing you to concentrate fully on your engraving results.

jewelry engraving machine for gold, silver, ring, coin, medal, stamp enamill
engraving machine metal industrial and milling machine jewelry automatic measurement

Precise rotation axis for rotary engraving

The Enamill™ is equipped with a high-performance rotary axis for circular engraving. This guarantees sufficient torque reserves even with heavy machining. Thanks to the backlash-free Harmonic Drive gearbox, the rotary axis has no backlash and is absolutely repeatable. The CNC engraving machine guarantees the highest quality for your round engravings and products.

Complex milling or 3D engraving

Whether simple engravings, complex milling or 3D engravings. The Enamill™ offers you sufficient flexibility, stability and potential for various machining tasks. All axes of the CNC milling machine are controlled precisely and simultaneously. Depending on the machine variant, either 3- or 4-axis simultaneous milling.

engraving machine for jewelry and rings. cam software graverspro.
cnc engraving machine-cnc milling machine-jewelry-complexes 3d engraving

User-friendly software

The GraversPro™ software specially developed for our CNC machines makes brilliant engraving quick and easy.
Whether engraving, cutting or milling. The software enables you to perform all types of machining such as internal ring engraving, external ring engraving and flat engraving. It doesn't matter whether you want to create simple or complex engravings. GraversPro™ always guarantees professional work thanks to advanced functions such as retracting and extracting, tool changing, drilling and travel direction settings.

Jewelry produced with the Milling Machine for jewelry

Our customers produce these pieces of jewellery on the Enamill™

Applications of the engraving centre