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Milling and Engraving Machine

Discover the ENGRAVER, the innovation for milling and engraving jewelry or workpieces. Precise and flexible, the engraving machine adapts perfectly to your applications, products and jewelry. An asset for every workshop and every store.

Graviermaschine für Schmuck - CNC Fräsmaschine - Engraving machine for jewelry - CNC milling machine.jpg
Schmuck CNC Graviermaschine Fräsmaschine für Schilder und Medaillons - Jewelry CNC engraving machine milling machine for signs and medallions.jpg

Precise engraving machine.

The rock-solid engraving machine design guarantees highest precision during engraving or milling of your jewelry. Basic components accurate to the millimeter, the use of high-quality machine components and exact assembly result in a precision that leaves nothing to be desired. Precision made in Germany.

Powerful jewelry engraving machine.

Due to the innovative machine concept, our jewelry engraving machine achieves the highest stability and rigidity. Reduce your tool wear and get machining surfaces of the highest quality. Highly polished machining surfaces are achieved when engraving with the CNC milling machine, giving your jewelry and workpieces an incomparable value.

Unique milling machine.

The patented measuring system integrated into the engraving machine enables you to precisely measure your workpiece surfaces. The measurement data thus obtained is used to compensate for curved or uneven workpiece surfaces. This allows you to machine curved and three-dimensional jewelry surfaces despite simple 2D drawings. This novel machining process is a technical revolution for which we have obtained a patent. In addition, electronic compensation reduces tool wear and manual adjustment of engraving depths is a thing of the past.

Automated CNC engraving machine.

Thanks to the integrated tool changing system with a capacity of 23 tool stations, you can also process more complex applications automatically. Various machine cycles automatically set up the CNC engraving machine for your workpiece. 


Machining types of the Engraving Machine

Round inside machining with the engraving machine for jewelry

Refine your jewelry or workpieces with high-quality deep engravings that are second to none. No matter if ring or bracelet. With the engraving unit of the CNC milling machine, you can process any piece of jewelry from the inside. The rotary axis of the engraving machine clamps and rotates the workpiece around its own axis. Specially designed interchangeable clamping jaws clamp your workpieces stably and with repeatable accuracy. The spring force of the scribe engraving unit can be precisely adjusted to the material to be engraved.

Diamond engraving with the CNC engraving machine from Schleicher Graviertechnik

Round outside machining with the CNC engraving machine

Outside engraving of round jewelry takes place with the milling spindle. Mill and engrave all imaginable patterns and fonts into the workpiece surfaces. The setup of the CNC engraving machine and scanning of the jewelry surface is done automatically before the actual milling. Rings, bracelets and writing instruments, for example, can be clamped and engraved on the rotary axis. A 4-jaw chuck is available for clamping oval jewelry, e.g. bangles. This allows more complex and oval workpieces to be clamped securely and with repeatable accuracy. You are welcome to ask us for clamping solutions specially adapted to your needs.

Flat machining with the engraving machine for jewelry

In addition to engraving round jewelry, the ENGRAVER can also effortlessly handle flat workpieces. Flat workpieces, such as medallions, watches, bracelets or signs, are clamped into the engraving machine by means of a precision centering clamp. The clamping jaws can be turned and changed without tools by means of a click system. We can also offer you individual clamping jaws for your jewelry pieces. 

360 grad ansicht

360 Degree View of the CNC Milling Machine


Main Features of the CNC Engraving Machine

Jewelry engraving machine with automatic tool change - Schleicher Graviertechnik

Automatic tool change with the milling machine

The ENGRAVER has an automatic tool change. With this, you can automatically insert and exchange your tools. Engrave or mill your jewelry with different tools without interruptions and fully automated. The tools are clamped pneumatically by means of a collet chuck. The tool magazine of the engraving machine includes 23 places and a receptacle for the measuring tip. A tool length sensor is integrated in the magazine to correct the different tool lengths. The tool magazine is located safely and separately in the rear interior of the milling machine.

Innovative machine housing

The safety concept of the engraving machine consists of a stable sheet metal housing in cube format. The transparent glass panes provide an optimal view of all parts of the machine. The door of the CNC engraving machine is designed as a lifting door. This makes it very easy to open the machine and load it with jewellery and workpieces from the front. High-performance LED strips are installed in the upper area of the housing and thus always ensure optimal illumination of the machine interior. Impress your customers with the innovative housing design of the ENGRAVER.

engraving machine for jewellery with innovative machine housing
milling machine jewelry engraving machine lubrication cooling tools

Minimum quantity lubrication for cooling and lubrication of the tools

The standard equipment of the CNC milling machine includes fully integrated tool cooling and lubrication. This minimum quantity lubrication cools and lubricates the milling tools during machining by air and spray mist. Thus, significantly increase the tool life of your tools. In addition, the constant lubrication achieves a higher surface quality of your jewelry. The spray head of the lubrication system is completely integrated in the spindle block of the engraving machine and does not have to be adjusted manually.

Patented measuring system for height compensation of curved surfaces

The newly developed and patented measuring system in the CNC engraving machine is unique. Even curved jewelry surfaces can be measured with this system. The measurement data obtained is used to compensate for the height profile of the workpieces. Thus, even curved jewelry pieces (3D) can be engraved or milled optimally and quickly with simple and two-dimensional drawings. Gain an advantage over conventional engraving depth controllers, where the engraving depth must be set manually. In addition, you can reduce your tool wear enormously through the electronic height compensation. This is due to the use of optimum cutting data for your tools. The engraving depth no longer has to be achieved in a single cut.

CNC milling machine for jewellery: Measuring system for curved jewellery surfaces for height compensation

Application Examples of the Engraving Machine


Technical Data of the CNC Engraving Machine


CNC Milling, CNC Diamond carving


490 x 490 x 570 mm


approx. 55 kg

Max. Machining area (W x D x H)

165 x 152 x 108 mm

Gantry clearance height

99 mm

Max. Object size flat machining (W x D x H)

202 x 205 x 98 mm

Max. Object size Round machining (Ø x L)

Ø 110 x 220 mm

Power supply

230 V / AC

Milling Spindle

High Frequency Spindle, 300 Watt, Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Spindle speed

variable adjustable 5.000 - 60.000 rpm

Clamping mechanism (spindle - tool)

Collet, Pneumatic 6 - 8 Bar

Number of tool places (magazine)

23 + 1 (measuring tip)

Allowable tool shank diameter

Ø 2.35 mm, Ø 3 mm, Ø 3.175 mm, Ø 4 mm

Radial Runout Clamping taper High Frequency Spindle

< 0.001 mm


Profile rail guideways with recirculating ball bearing, clearance-free

Drive Elements X / Y / Z

Ball screw drives, grinded, precision class C5

Drive Motors

Hybrid Stepper Motors


± 0.012 mm

Axis Resolution X / Y / Z (step size)

0.000625 mm

Rotary Axis (A-axis)

Harmonic Drive Gear, clearance-free, no backlash, A = endless

Machine control software


Tool cooling and lubrication

Lubrication / Cooling with liquid and air


Pictures of milling machine for jewelry

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