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Milling and Engraving Machines

Schleicher Graviertechnik develops, produces and distributes innovative solutions for CNC engraving and milling. Our engraving machines are developed especially for jewelry machining. In addition, they are also excellent for CNC manufacturing of signs, stamps, microfluidic chips, coats of arms, 3D engraving and much more.

Milling and Engraving Jewelry

With our engraving machines you can engrave or mill all jewelry, such as watches, bracelets, wedding rings, jewelry rings, signs, lockets, pendants or bracelets. But also away from the jewelry industry, our CNC milling machines can be used in many ways.

CAM Software

The CAM software developed by us is executed as a CorelDraw CNC plugin. The very easy to use CAM software is directly integrated into the program interface of CorelDraw and thus significantly shortens the workflow to the finished workpiece. Create G-Codes / machine programs for your CNC machine in no time.

Our Products


Discover here our fully automatic CNC engraving machine. The ENGRAVER. From jewelry rings to watches, almost all jewelry can be engraved or milled on a single engraving machine. The strength of our CNC milling machine is in micro-milling and engraving very small and delicate structures.

Graviermaschine und Fräsmaschine für Schmuck, Ringe, Uhren - Engraving machine and milling machine for jewelry, rings, watches.jpg


Discover here our CorelDraw CNC and Cutting plugin. With this CAM software you can easily create CNC programs (G-Code) for your engraving or milling machine. In addition, plasma cutting, laser cutting or waterjet cutting is also supported. The CorelDraw GCode Plugin offers a fully integrated CAM solution. It is directly integrated into the CorelDraw program interface and can be used independently of our engraving machines.

CorelDraw CNC and Cutting Plugin - Engraving, Laser Cutting and Milling with Corel Draw

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