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CamDRAW is an easy-to-use CorelDraw CNC & GCode plugin. It is integrated into the program interface of Corel Draw and creates CNC programs (G-Code) of your drawings in no time. The NC programs created in this way can then be transferred to your CNC machine. The CorelDraw GCode plugin can be used for milling, engraving, drilling, cutting, laser cutting and waterjet cutting. The application creates 2D and 2.5D motion data for your CNC machine. The CorelDraw plugin can be used without our engraving machines.

See what CorelDraw writes about our CNC plugin here.


Create your CNC programs directly in CorelDraw

With the CorelDraw CNC plugin you can create CNC programs (G-Code) directly in CorelDraw. To do this, simply select your desired drawing objects and insert applicable machining operations. Whether you want to engrave, mill or laser cut. The CorelDraw CNC and cutting plugin supports many machining methods.


Workpiece and sheet settings in the Corel to CNC plugin

The CorelDraw GCode Plugin supports you in creating and setting the CorelDraw document (sheet). For example, you can set the sheet width, sheet height and XY origin. If no sheet or document is open yet, the plugin automatically creates one with the corresponding width and height. In addition, other settings that depend on the postprocessor can also be set.

Sheet settings of the CorelDraw CNC / Cutting plugin

Contour machining with the CorelDraw GCode plugin

The CorelDraw G-Code plugin supports any toolpath for contour machining. No matter if you want to machine closed or open curves. The toolpath can be created either left, right, inside, outside or center of the drawing objects. The tool radius of the selected tool is taken into account. In addition, a contour allowance can be set for roughing or finishing operations. Contour machining is available for milling, engraving, cutting, laser cutting or waterjet cutting.



In addition to all contour operations, the CorelDraw CNC plugin also includes pocket operations. This allows you to remove or broach material within closed curves. All types of closed curves are supported. No matter if text fields or curves are present. By combining multiple drawing objects, even material islands are taken into account. The CAM Plugin's intelligent pocket algorithm always sorts the respective pocket and its toolpaths from the inside out. The spacing of the individual pocket toolpaths is set via tool parameters. Roughing or finishing operations can be taken into account by a pocket allowance. Pocket operations can be used for milling and engraving.


Drilling machining with Corel to GCode software

For quick drilling, the CorelDraw GCode plugin provides the Drill operation. This creates a drill point in the center of each object from any drawing object. When the CNC program is created, a drill cycle is added to all drill points. You have the choice between different retraction options. Drilling can be done without retraction, with retraction to the plunge height or with retraction to the previous cut plane. All other parameters can be set in the stored tool data and the machining operation. 


3D visualization of tool paths

All created toolpath operations are displayed three-dimensionally after generation. The entire CNC program is read in and rendered. This gives you the optimal overview and feedback over your tool operations. All cutting planes and parameters can be checked for correctness at a glance. In addition, support and node points of all toolpaths can be displayed. This means that you always have full control over the set curve precision. The three-dimensional display of the G-Code is independent of the machining operations. It is also available for laser cutting or engraving operations.

Corel Draw CNC cutting software - tool list

Tool list in CorelDraw CNC and cutting plugin

The CorelDraw CAM plugin has an integrated tool list. In it you can store all your machining tools and set cutting parameters. No matter if you have drills, gravers or end mills. The tool list is available for all machining methods. Simply select the tool you want to use. For cutting and laser cutting, corresponding tools can also be created in the CorelDraw GCode plugin.


Support for rotary axes

The Corel CNC plugin supports rotary axes in addition to conventional flat machining. Any rotary axis can be controlled either by angular coordinates or by unwinding (mapping Y->A or X->B). The rotary axis can be configured via the postprocessor settings. It doesn't matter if you want to do ring inside engraving or also ring outside machining. The CorelDraw GCode plugin easily adapts to your application. The CNC programs (G-Code) for rotary axes are represented by the 3D animation real. Here, for example, the engraving / milling of a jewelry ring on the rotary axis is shown. Of course, laser cutting or laser engraving can also be done on the rotary axis.


Toolpath optimization Corel CNC

All tool paths of an operation are automatically optimized by the CorelDraw G-Code plugin. The machining sequence is determined according to the shortest path / distance. Reduce your process time and use the sorting algorithms of the CAM plugin. No matter in which order you have drawn the drawing objects (curves) in CorelDraw.


Lead-Ins and Lead-Outs

Optimize your contour machining operations by moving in and out. This feature is available for contour milling and contour cutting (laser/plasma). Lead-Ins and Lead-Outs can be set separately from each other. For example, if you only want one Lead-In, the Lead-Out can be completely deactivated. The entries and exits can be tangential to the contour or linear. All parameters such as sweeping angle, linear distance and leads radius can be set.


Tabs for laser and waterjet cutting

Especially for laser and waterjet machining, the CorelDraw CNC plugin has the tab feature. This interrupts the contours and small tabs of material remain. Thus, all components are fixed until the end of machining and undercutting is prevented. The tab feature can be combined with lead-ins and lead-outs. 


Machining sequence through numbered text fields (CDR to GCode)

In addition to automatic toolpath optimization, the Corel Draw CNC plugin also supports an adjustable sequence. The machining order can be defined by numbered text fields. Simply add text fields in CorelDraw and set your machining order by numbers. Supported numbers are e.g. 1, 2, 3 or even 1.1, 2.1, 3.1. The text fields must be on the same layer as the curves to be machined. Also the color of the text field must be identical to the color of the curve. This feature was integrated in the CDR to GCode plugin especially for laser cutting. Complex drawings with a large number of contour cuts can thus be processed automatically.

Work in parallel and save projects in CorelDraw cutting plugin

All entries and settings made in the CorelDraw CNC and cutting plugin, such as tool paths, machining operations, zero points, tools or cutting data, are always linked directly to the current CorelDraw document (CDR). This allows you to switch between multiple open documents or to reopen documents. Simply save your entire work via "Save" or "Save as" in CorelDraw. All the data you have entered is written to the document (CDR to GCode) and is immediately available again when you reopen it.

Tangential axis / tangential knife

CamDRAW supports the control of a tangential axis or a tangential knife. For this purpose, the tangent angle is calculated at each point of a contour. This angle is then output when creating the CNC programs, e.g. for an A or B axis. This works with every contour. No matter if closed contours like circles, ellipses or rectangles or open curves. As an option of the tangential axis, lifting is also available if the angle difference is too large. I.e. the software lifts the Z-axis if the angle difference between two segments is larger than a constant angle value. This is the case, for example, with a rectangle in the corners. Here, the Z-axis is then lifted to reorient the tangential axis.

tangential axis

Supported CNC Machines and Post Processors

CamDRAW supports a large number of CNC machines. By means of the postprocessors the software can be adapted individually to your CNC machine. In the scope of delivery there are already some postprocessors. When purchasing our software, the creation of a suitable postprocessor is included.

Further Information about the CorelDraw CNC Plugin

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