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On this page we would like to describe the basic workflow for CNC machining. Such CNC machining can be used, for example, for milled parts, for engraving, for cutting, for laser cutting or for waterjet cutting. Every CNC machine needs instruction sets that tell it what to do. Such instruction sets are called NC/CNC programs or G-code. The conventional workflow for manufacturing CNC parts is divided into 3 main steps:

Workflow difference from CorelDraw CNC / Cutting plugin

1. Drawing Software

The drawing program is used to create a design or drawing. The drawing includes, for example, engraving contours, lettering or cutting contours. There are many different drawing programs on the market. They are mainly divided into 2D or 3D (CAD) drawing programs. For example, vector drawing programs such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD are used to create 2D designs. The advantage of 2D drawing programs is their simplicity compared to 3D drawing programs. Since the third dimension is omitted. They are particularly suitable for more artistic or visually appealing work. Such as engraving or milling jewelry. For individual engravings and milled parts, there is no way around a 2D drawing program such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator in most cases. 

2. CAM Software

The task of CAM software is to generate machine instruction sets from the drawing or design. Such machine data are called NC/CNC programs or G-Code. The data sets contain motion data and coordinates for the CNC machine. But other information, such as feed rates, spindle speeds or tool changes are also included. All machine command records and motion data are written to the CNC program.

3. CNC Control Software

The CNC control software takes over the control or the setup of the machine tool. For this purpose, it controls all machine axes or activates the machining spindle. It interprets the machine command blocks generated by the CAM software and uses them to control the machine. The workpiece is created. Again, there are some available on the market. E.g. EdingCNC , Penta NC , CNC USB or cncGraf.


The above described and conventional workflow for finishing the workpiece is very complicated. Three separate steps are required. Several file exports and file imports are necessary to supply the different types of software with data. Each task (drawing / creating the CNC program / controlling the machine) is done in a separate software and program interface. The time required to complete your project increases.

CorelDraw CNC Plugin: Improve Your Workflow!

With our software product CorelDraw CNC Plugin (CamDRAW) you can shorten your workflow and thus reduce the process time enormously. The CorelDraw GCode Plugin combines the functions of the drawing program and the CAM software in a single program environment. Create your drawing and the corresponding GCode directly in CorelDraw. Then just load the created CNC program into your machine and start machining. Thereby CamDRAW can be used completely independent from our engraving machines!

CorelDraw CNC plugin for cutting, engraving or milling: Improve your workflow
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