How to create GCode with CorelDraw CNC Plugin (example)

After installation of the CorelDraw CNC and Cutting plugin you can directly create G-Code of your drawings. When CamDRAW is started for the first time, the standard postprocessor "Default_XYZ" is automatically loaded to profile 1. "Default_XYZ" is a standard postprocessor for flat machining. It's good for CNC machines with only X, Y and Z axis.

The workflow of G-Code generation is always from up to down of the plugin. You have the choose to create a new CorelDraw document or open a already exists document. Also you can simply select a profile and enter workpiece dimensions. The application then creates a new CorelDraw document, if no document is open.

(1) Select profile

The first thing to do is select the profile. Then the application loads the settings from the postprocessor file.

(2) Setting up workpiece data

Enter the workpiece data. For example the dimension or XY zeropoint. You can align the zero point to one of the corner or in the center of the workpiece.

workpiece data CorelDraw CNC Plugin
Enter workpiece data - CorelDraw Cutting Plugin

(3) Add your drawing objects or import a CorelDraw drawing

Drawing in CorelDraw - CNC Plugin
Example drawing to generate GCode - Corel to CNC Plugin

(4) Add toolpaths in menu "TOOLPATHS"

First select the drawing object for which you want to create toolpaths. You can also select several drawing objects at the same time. Then click on a machining type. For example, "Contour milling". A new window opens in which you can define the machining.

contour milling engraving cutting coreldraw
Create contour milling operation - CorelDraw Cutting Plugin

(5) Create machining operation

After clicking on Contour milling the following window opens. Here all settings of the operation can be set. Always select a tool from the tool library at the beginning. All tool data are automatically taken over for the current operation (e.g. cutting data, feeds, diameters).

Then you can set whether the toolpath should be inside, outside or in the center of the selected contours.

In this example we select inside. Then enter your desired parameters under Machining parameters (safety height, depth, etc.). At the end, you can still set the desired curve precision. Once all the entries have been made, press OK or the Enter key on the keyboard. The tool operation is created.

Contour milling operation in coreldraw cnc cutting plugin
Add Contour milling operation

CorelDraw CNC / Cutting Plugin
Contour inside the selected drawing objects

(6) Create G-Code

Once all the desired toolpaths have been added, you can create the CNC program (G-code). You will find the button in the "NC Program" menu. Simply press the button labeled "G1/G2". The plugin will now generate the G-Code. After completion, the NC program is rendered and visualized in three dimensions. Here you can check very quickly if all settings are ok. Here you also have the option to save the G-Code file or to open it for viewing.

CorelDraw G-Code Plugin
Create and save menu in the CorelDraw GCode Plugin

3d animation coreldraw to gcode
3D animation of GCode

cnc cutting corel draw plugin
Generated G-Code with CorelDraw Plugin