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CamDRAW - CorelDraw CNC and Cutting Plugin

What is CamDRAW and what is it used for?

CamDRAW is a CorelDraw CNC plugin. It is used to create CNC programs (G-Code) for milling or engraving machines. The CAM software can also be used for laser cutting or laser engraving machines. After installation, the software is fully integrated with CorelDraw and allows you to work efficiently. The CorelDraw GCode plugin creates machine data for 2D and 2.5D machining.

What is the difference between the CorelDraw CNC plugin and traditional CAM software?

The main difference is a simplified workflow from the drawing to the finished workpiece. The integration with CorelDraw allows you to use all the innovative drawing tools. Then you can create the G-Code for your CNC machine directly in the same program environment. Drawing exports and drawing imports are a thing of the past.

What machining methods and machines are supported in the Corel to GCode plugin?

The CAM software supports 2D and 2.5D machining methods. Contouring operations, pocket operations (broaching) and drilling operations can be created. These are available for milling, engraving or cutting. Whether you want to engrave mechanically or by laser, the CorelDraw CNC plugin supports both. In addition, you can also create contour cuts for laser or waterjet cutters.

Are rotation axes supported?

The CorelDraw CNC and cutting Plugin supports full CNC machining with rotary axes (rotary axes). Angular coordinates can be output in the CNC programs. In addition, you can also activate unwinding (mapping). The rotary axis can be controlled with angular coordinates and any axis designation (e.g. A, B, C). You have the choice of controlling the rotary axis with the CorelDraw X or Y axis coordinate. Thus, different orientations of the rotary axis on your machine are no problem.

Which machine controllers and CNC machines are supported?

All controllers and CNC machines are supported by adapting or replacing the postprocessor. 

Can I upgrade / activate the demo version directly to the full version?

Yes. You can activate the full version by entering a valid license key. This is also possible with the demo version. All application settings of the demo version remain 100% intact. After ordering via our online store, you will receive a valid license key within a maximum of 24 hours.

How can I install software updates of CorelDraw CNC plugin?

Software updates can be performed by reinstalling the software. The installation program automatically detects the already installed version and updates it to the newer version. To do this, please download the latest version from our website.

What languages does CamDRAW support?

The program interface is available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Can I work with any CorelDraw document using the CNC plugin?

Yes. You can work with any drawing (CDR) in the CorelDraw CNC and Cutting plugin. All toolpaths and settings of the plugin are directly linked to the CorelDraw document and saved in it. After reopening the document, all settings are immediately available again.

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