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CNC Engraving Machine for Jewelry

Milling of a jewelry pendant - St. Michael

The jewelry engraving machine enables engraving and milling of high quality jewelry. Whether your workpieces have a flat or curved surface. The engraving machine automatically compensates for curved surfaces by scanning. In this example, a curved round of gold is engraved for a jewelry pendant.

jewelry pendants in the cnc engraving machine

Conditions of the Jewelry Engraving

CNC Engraving Machine




Clamping device

Centering vise

Workpiece material


Cooling / Lubrication

Minimum quantity lubrication, cooling by air and spray mist


Graver Ø0.2mm / 15 degrees and Ø0.3mm / 15 degrees

Drawing for the Engraving Machine

At the beginning, the drawing of the engraving is created. This is done in CorelDraw with the GraversPro™ CAM software. The drawing is then available as a vector drawing. Of course, finished drawings can also be imported into CorelDraw, e.g. as CDR, DXF, DWG or SVG. The engraving machine supports all drawing formats which can be imported by CorelDraw.

2d drawing for the engraving machine

Tool paths for the CNC Engraving Machine

Once the jewelry drawing is complete, the toolpaths for the engraving machine can now be created. This is done very easily with the CAM plugin directly in CorelDraw. First, you select the appropriate profile (postprocessor). All postprocessors, tool libraries and settings are included with our CNC engraving machine. This allows you to start immediately. The next step is to set the workpiece zero point. This is usually located in the center of the drawing when engraving with the centering clamp.

cam plugin for the cnc engraving machine

Next, the toolpaths can be added. In this example, two tool operations Contour Milling are enough. Select the desired drawing objects with the mouse and click on Contour Milling. A new window opens where you can set all the settings of the machining operation. The CAM software creates a live preview of the toolpaths. The first operation for the engraving machine is machined with the a Ø0.2mm / 15 degrees graver.

contour milling operation for engraving the jewelry pendant

The second operation is the milling out inside the arches. These cutouts are machined through the entire depth of the material. Thus, the individual material segments fall out of the blank at the end. The machining takes place with a Ø0.3mm / 15 degree graver.

operation 2 for milling with the cnc engraving machine

Create CNC Program for the Engraving Machine

The last step is to create the CNC program (G-code) in GraversPro™. After creation, the entire CNC program is rendered three-dimensionally. Here, errors and possible deviations can be checked. Then the program is transferred to the CNC engraving machine. The milling of the jewelry pendant can be started.

3d rendering of CNC programs in Camdraw

Summary of engraving a Jewelry Pendant

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