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CamDRAW 3 - Annual Subscription

Product purchase includes unlimited software support and access to all updates and upgrades.

CamDRAW is a CNC and G-Code plugin for CorelDraw. Enhance your CorelDraw with the extensive CAM capabilities of CamDRAW. The plugin is integrated into the CorelDraw program interface after installation. This allows you to create and save CNC programs / G-Codes directly in CorelDraw. Optimize your workflow with the fully integrated CAM solution and create G-Codes from your vector drawings in no time.

The software plugin supports all G-Code compatible CNC machines.

Supported CNC machining methods and machines

Plasma cutting
Laser cutting
Water jet cutting
Engraving (scribing and milling)

Fields of applications and industries

Advertising technology
Printing and graphic industry
Furniture construction
Trade fair and exhibition construction
Jewelry making
Lettering and engraving
CNC production of sheet metal parts
CNC cutting of materials
Model making

CamDRAW Features

Create and save G-Code directly in CorelDraw

Saving your projects (plugin settings and toolpaths are saved to the CDR file)

Contour machining with tool radius compensation left / right / off

Pocket machining (material clearing, material islands)

Drilling machining

Integrated tool database

3D visualization of the created CNC program

Adjustable curve precision for splines and curve objects

Lead-Ins and Lead-Outs

Material tabs for laser/ plasma/ waterjet cutting

Support for rotational axes (angular coordinates, mapping, unwinding)

Tool path optimization

Post processors (import/export/edit)

A large number of included post processors

Support for tangential axis / tangential knife

Plugin Languages

English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese

Product Activation

After ordering you will receive a personal license key by e-mail. With this key the software can be unlocked.

Subscription Information

The subscription can be cancelled at any time and will then automatically expire at the end of the period.

Virtual Machines (VM)

Other operating systems are supported by virtual machines. This only works with a valid license key.

More Payment Options

Other payment options like PayPal or bank transfer are possible.

Please contact us.

What our customers say

"I have to say that the CamDRAW product is absolutely great. After downloading the demo version, after about two days of trying it out, I was able to cut and engrave on my CNC machine using CorelDraw. It is an easy way to communicate with the CNC machine. I have already purchased a full version."


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